User scenario 4

Susanna Heinrichs

1 Susanna wants to prepare some courses for students between 9 and 16 years old. She is looking for content, photographs, videos, news and more. Europeana is a good source.

2 Susanna is preparing a course about pollinators, in order to explain their importance in the natural ecosystem, how to identify them, she will update taxonomies and examine their relationships with plant-pollinators. She will also emphasise the causes and consequences of the decline of pollinators  and make recommendations about how individuals can help improve this situation.

3 Through the LinBi platform she searches Europeana for pollinator species • invasive alien species • climate change • crop pollination • news about pollinators • taxonomy of pollinators.

4 Firstly Susanna analyses the results from LinBi platform, and selects the most accurate and pertinent for her course. In addition, she will watch some videos about pollinators for annotation if suitable. She selects some good material that can be linked to other related topics, and this material will form the basis for her upcoming course. The next time Susanna teaches this course, she expects that the majority of her selected content will remain accessible, relevant and useful. Her course will be available via the internet for those interested in this topic. LinBi’s topic linking will also make her material available to others interested in related topics who discover her course material in this way.

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