Welcome to the LinBi project!


LinBi focuses upon Europe’s biodiversity content. This content reflects the enormous variety of life on earth, as depicted in books, illustrations, specimen scans, photographs, sound recordings and video.

LinBi is helping to bring together research and the general public. Our goal is to introduce research material to new users and re-users, such as students and nature enthusiasts, broadcasters, politicians, industry, SMEs and education providers. LinBi is an important step in providing access to biodiversity content for new user communities.

LinBi bridges the information gap by providing new ways of using biodiversity content. By linking information objects, the LinBi enrichment platform connects Europe’s biodiversity material with existing content. All LinBi data items will be processed by the OpenUp! natural history aggregator and delivered to Europeana.

Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union